Tom Marks and Dexter Sanders Discuss Family Law and Collaborative Divorce

Collaboratively-trained Family Law Attorney Tom Marks recently spoke with Back 2 God’s radio host, Dexter Sanders. For those who missed part one of their conversation, CLICK HERE to check it out. Dexter was interested in learning more about how Attorney Tom Marks navigates Family Law cases as a Christian Attorney. Tom Marks was eager to share more about Family Law and discuss the Collaborative Process with Dexter Sanders (pictured below) as well as his listeners. Keep reading to learn more about their conversation regarding Family Law, the Collaborative Process and its impact on Divorce cases in Central Florida.

Dexter: Tom, earlier we talked about your firm’s approach to reconciliation, as well as your firm’s Core Values and Mission Statement. Now, let’s go back to the beginning. Talk to us a little bit more about exactly what your law firm offers.

Tom: Well, when I got into Family Law, I realized, my goodness, these are people that are going through the worst time of their entire lives. The dream of being married — the idea of happily ever after, and being together for a lifetime is shattered. And in some respects, it’s worse than the death of a family member. Because at least with the death, you have a funeral and finality, and you move on. But with Divorce, you’ve got to still deal with the former spouse, creating a new normal for minor children, and the specific details regarding your family. My Team and I try to help our Family Law Clients avoid those kinds of ongoing hassles with their former spouse, whether it’s a Divorce, Paternity, Child Support or a Timesharing (Custody) matter. We prepare a Parenting Plan that has all the details that they really need so that there’s no ambiguity, there’s no question marks, there’s no point of disagreement.

Dexter: As a Pastor, when couples would come to me and share that they wanted to end their marriage and be apart – I would struggle with that. The Bible says God hates Divorce. “Therefore, what God has joined together, let no one separate.” But something I have come to realize is God didn’t put everybody together. You know, everybody that’s coming together for marriage isn’t necessarily a God thing. And in some of those cases, two people move on separately with their lives. How did you come to grips with all of that?

Tom: Yes, God hates Divorce, but we live in a fallen world. And bad things happen to good people. What we do, though, at The Marks Law Firm, P.A. – Family Law & Divorce Attorneys is different than our competitors. Even in those circumstances where Clients come in, we serve as a ministry to offer them hope, help, and compassion. I believe when you honor God, He will honor you.

Dexter: Can you tell us more about the Collaborative Process?

Tom: We try to be peacemakers and help these parties avoid absolute reckless Litigation that costs ridiculous amounts of money. If we can help them resolve their case in a healthier way, that is our goal. The Florida legislature passed a statute for Collaborative Law in 2016. It’s a voluntary process where both parties involved enter a Collaborative agreement. Three of our Attorneys are Collaboratively-trained, including myself. When Clients are good candidates for Collaborative, we put together a Team of Collaborative professionals. Members of the Collaborative Team are a Mental Health Neutral, a Financial Neutral, two Collaboratively-trained Family Law Attorneys and both parties. The Collaborative Team meets together to resolve the Family Law case without going to Court. For me, it’s a thing of beauty. I mean, the husband and wife, I’ve seen them reconcile in this process. But I’ve also seen them, even if they sign the paperwork, drive to the meeting together, leave the meeting and they co-parent these children so much better.

Dexter: Listeners, perhaps you’re going through some marital struggles and you’re contemplating Divorce. Before you take that step, you’re going to want to go over and ask to talk to my friend Tom Marks, because he has a heart after God. Remember, if there is a way that he can help counsel you guys through reconciliation, he will do that first. Tom, tell us one more time how we can reach you.

Tom: You can visit our website or call our office at 407-872-3161.

Want to learn more about Collaborative Law or connect with Dexter Sanders? Click on the links below:

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