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Avocado Trivia with Tom Marks and Vyky Rifai
June 17, 2020

Recently I was invited to discuss my passion for avocados during a Facebook Live session with a new friend, Vyky Rifai.

She is the Marketing Director for Attorney, Rania Arwani and was doing a segment for Rania’s Words From Behind the Desk series on Facebook Live.

You may be wondering the backstory here as it is no secret that I am not the most technology savvy person. The original topic at hand was Collaborative Divorce. Vyky interviewed A.Jay Fowinkle and me virtually and asked us to discuss our experience and knowledge of the Collaborative Law process. Imagine my surprise when Vyky decided to ask me about avocados while we were wrapping up our Question & Answer style format.

Although I would’ve been happy to talk more about the law and Collaborative Divorce, most of you know that I have no shortage of things to say about avocados. So, I was happy to share some fun facts with Vyky and those who were watching the Facebook Live. She was gracious enough to share the footage with us and I thought it would be fun to feature some avocado trivia in my blog.

I have included the video below.

Avocado Trivia with Tom Marks and Vyky Rifai

Once you watch, let me know if you have any other fun questions for me. You may send them as a reply to this email and I will get back to you personally.

Thanks again to Vyky Rifai, Rania Arwani and the Arwani Law Firm for allowing A.Jay and I to join in on an important conversation.

Blessings to all.

Thomas D. Marks, Esquire