What Kind of Family Law Attorney Are You Looking For?

By Family Law Attorney Tom Marks

Some people want an experienced, more expensive Family Law Attorney and some people want a newer, less expensive Family Law Attorney. Some people want their attorney to be a “bulldog” and some people want someone who cares about them and their future.  Is it possible to get all of these in one Family Law firm? Let’s explore this question.

The Marks Law Firm has several attorneys, with professional rates ranging from $275 to $450 per hour. We also have attorneys with experience levels from 3 to 44 years. The Firm has an experienced team of paralegals with rates of $125 per hour.

So how do you put all of those fees and costs together in the most cost effective, efficient and strategic way? The answer is that we work as a team. The paralegals support the attorneys and do whatever they can under the supervision of the attorneys to keep costs down.

For those looking for a more cost effective source of representation, we pair the paralegals with the more entry-level attorney(s). On bigger more complex cases we utilize the more experienced attorneys along with the paralegals and if necessary the more cost effective younger lawyers.

Of course we have administrative support staff including our Receptionist, Office Manager and Marketing Director.  This provides administrative support that includes having non-legal client questions answered without charging the client. In addition, we bring the client on as part of the team with the paralegals, attorneys and support staff.

The client knows the facts as to what has occurred in the marriage and leading up to the Dissolution of the Marriage, Paternity action or any other family law matter we might be handling for them. I like to say we “row the boat together” or we “plow the field together”. That way the client, as part of the team, works in unison with the paralegals and attorneys in a very collaborative and synergistic way. I have found this team effort to be a great way to be on the same page with the client in presenting our case in Mediation, to Opposing Counsel or to the Court.

We make every effort to resolve each client’s case in an amicable and an uncontested fashion. However, when we find the other side being completely unreasonable and unwilling to resolve the family law matter in a positive realistic way, we are experienced enough and ready to litigate our clients case to the fullest.

You might call that, “being a bulldog,” we would call that “representing our clients zealously”. So we are able to provide the whole range of family law services and competencies to the Client, bringing the Client on to the team of Attorneys, Paralegals, Legal Assistants, and Administrative support staff. Simply put, we care deeply about our Clients. We want to see them better off for having been represented by The Marks Law Firm. We strive to represent our clients with integrity, excellence and devotion. Our clients are our mission.

What About a Post-Nup Marital Agreement?

Everyone is familiar with at least the general idea of a pre-nuptial agreement—a contract you enter before your marriage that governs what will happen to certain assets and liabilities if things don’t work out.

But did you know you can still take advantage of those same protections AFTER you say “I do?”

Florida law allows married parties to enter into a post-nuptial agreement—a contract after you’ve been married that has basically the same impact as a pre-nup would. Most people don’t consider this option, either because of taboo or because they simply don’t know it exists. However, a post-nuptial agreement can be a great way to alleviate financial concerns that arise after your wedding day.

For example, a post-nuptial agreement can be very helpful in limiting the fights over finances that so often create conflict in the home. By addressing money issues in a post-nup, you can remove some of the financial uncertainty that may be causing your spouse to worry. A post-nup also allows you to protect assets that you didn’t have coming into the marriage, but have since built or acquired.
While the discussion about a post-nup may be a delicate conversation, it may be one worth having. If you think a post-nuptial agreement would be beneficial in your marriage, you should contact one of the experienced family law attorneys at The Marks Law Firm to discuss the option in more detail.

When Does My Spouse Get Rights to My Property in Marriage?

Florida Statute 61.075 controls how the parties’ assets and liabilities are to be distributed.  As previously discussed, the court must first determine which assets and liabilities are classified as “marital” (see previous blog for more information on this topic).

Upon said identification, the Courts must begin with the premise that distribution should be equal, unless there is justification for same.  The statute provides factors for the Court’s consideration for an unequal division of the marital assets and liabilities as follows:

  • Contributions to the marriage by both parties, including care of both the children and the home.
  • The economic circumstances of both parties.
  • The duration of the marriage.
  • Any interruption of personal careers or educational opportunities of either party.
  • The contributions from one spouse to the other spouse’s career or educational opportunities.
  • The desirability of retaining any assets, including an interest in a business, corporation or professional practice, intact and free from any claim or interference from the other party.
  • The contributions of each spouse to the acquisition, enhancement, and production of income or the improvement of, or the incurring of liabilities to, both the marital assets and non-marital assets of the parties.
  • The desirability of retaining the marital home as a residence for any dependent child of the marriage, or any other party, when it would be equitable to do so, it is in the best interest of the child or the party, and it is financially feasibly for the parties to maintain the residences.  In making this decision, the court will examine whether it is in the best interest of the dependent child to remain in the marital home; and, if not, it will look at whether other equities would be served by giving one party exclusively use and possession of the marital home.
  • The intentional dissipation, waste, depletion, or destruction of marital assets after filing of the petition or within 2 years prior to the filing of the petition.
  • Any other factors necessary to do equity and justice between parties.

The date for determining the assets and liabilities as marital is the earliest of: the parties’ entry of a valid separation agreement, a date agreed upon by both the parties, or date of filing a petition for dissolution of marriage.  The value of said assets and liabilities is to the judge’s discretion as to what is just and equitable under the circumstances.  In many cases, the valuation date of marital assets is as close to the time of Trial as possible to produce the most fair distribution for both parties.  However, in same cases a valuation date is identified as prior to Trial because of an extreme increase or reduction in value of the assets by a spouse since filed.

If you have any questions regarding the above as it relates to your case, either submit an online inquiry for a consult or call The Mark’s Law Firm at 407.872.3161.

The Marks Law Firm, P.A. returns to support Nathaniel’s Hope

In the spirit of summer, The Marks Law Firm has big plans to get outside and enjoy the weather with our community. This year is the third year that our team will be participating in the Nathaniel’s Hope- Make M’ Smile Celebration! Make M’ Smile is an annual community festival dedicated to celebrating VIP Kids, children with all types of special needs/disabilities, and their families.  VIP kids, families, volunteers, exhibitors and sponsors enjoy free entertainment, food, activities, and many vendors with giveaways.   

Every year the Marks Law Firm has been an active sponsor in the midst of all the fun and entertainment giving away free drinks and helping bring a smile to every child’s face!  The event will be held on Saturday, June 4th from 7:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. at Lake Eola in downtown Orlando.  We would love for you to come out to help support the VIP kids, their families, and this wonderful organization. 

If you are interested in participating please visit the Nathaniel’s Hope website at  One way to participate is by becoming a “buddy” to one of the VIP kids. As a “buddy” you will walk with a child and guide them during the “friendship stroll” around the park and throughout the event.  You can also sign up to be a volunteer or make a donation on the website.  Stay tuned to our website and Facebook to find out updates regarding this event and other ways that you can help.


Ronald L. Sims, Of Counsel

Attorney Ronald L. Sims, Of Counsel

Ronald L. Sims, an Orlando native, joined The Marks Law Firm after many years operating his own firm as a sole practitioner. He began serving clients in Central Florida as an attorney in 1967.  His legal career spans four decades during which he has worked in many facets of our system including working on legislative committees, representation before the Florida Supreme Court, the District Court of Appeal, Federal Court, and he has been a certified mediator for both family and civil matters, divorce mediator,  family mediator and legal mediation for more than two decades.

Today, Mr. Sims primarily works in Family Law Litigation and as a Mediator for civil and family law disputes for divorce mediation, family mediation, and legal mediation.   He has  held office in many local charities and organizations over the years, and brings a personal warmth to his practice that is a refreshing change for those going though the difficulties of a family law conflict.


Mr. Sims graduated from the law school at the University of Florida in 1966 after being raised in Orlando and attending Emory University for his undergraduate degree.

Frequently Asked Questions

Divorce Questions for Orlando Divorce Lawyer – General Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce):

Questions I should ask my divorce lawyer about my case and questions about divorce to Orlando Divorce Attorneys

What is the difference between divorce and legal separation?”
In addition to ending your marriage, a divorce (or “dissolution of marriage”) addresses all issues within the marriage, including property, finances, and child-related issues.  This is the most common way to deal with marital issues, as Florida does not recognize “legal separation.” However, if you prefer a less permanent route, there are options available to obtain financial support or address concerns related to minor child(ren) without filing for divorce.  For example, Florida law allows a married party to pursue an action for support and maintenance without dissolution of marriage.  That allows for a time of separation and the chance to consider the circumstance without the prospect of a full divorce hanging over you.  If you would like to discuss these options in more detail, contact one of the family law attorneys at The Marks Law Firm to schedule a consultation at your convenience.

Why should I have a lawyer representing me during my divorce?
While many individuals proceed through the divorce process, having the help of an attorney with family law experience can go a long way toward protecting your interests. Florida’s family laws have developed over many decades and are often nuanced and complicated.  An experienced attorney will understand these laws and be able to help you avoid the mistakes or unfavorable results that can arise from not knowing all of your rights.  For example, pro se litigants (those who represent themselves) often do recognize or include important considerations such as ensuring adequate financial protections in the event a spouse passes away, the tax implications of paying spousal or child support, practical ways to avoid future conflict, and significant children’s issues that pro se parties don’t often consider.  The family law attorneys at The Marks Law Firm have the experience to support you with these difficult issues.

How can I find out which decision-making option would be best for my situation?
The presumption in Florida is what is called “Shared Parental Responsibility,” which starts from the position that each parent is considered an equal in parenting the child(ren). When the Florida Legislature changed the “custody” verbiage in 2008, the intent was to ensure that neither parent was considered superior to the other and that each parent should have as much time with the child(ren) possible, unless very particular circumstances (i.e. child abuse, substance abuse etc.) indicate otherwise. There are accommodations that can be made for “shared parental responsibility with ultimate decision making” and “sole parental responsibility” when appropriate, although these are exceptions and must be justified by the significant evidence. The family law attorneys at The Marks Law Firm can educate and guide you as part of your team to make informed and well thought through decisions that can positively impact you and your children for years.

My spouse refuses to give a divorce. What are my options?
Florida is a “no-fault” divorce state, which means that either party may pursue a divorce without the consent of the other.  That means that even if your spouse refuses to cooperate, you can file and pursue a divorce proceeding on your own.  The Marks Law Firm is focused on family law and knows how to effectively assist spouses who face this frustrating situation.

What is the difference between an uncontested and contested dissolution of marriage?
An uncontested dissolution of marriage occurs when the spouses agree on all issues, including time sharing and child support, property distribution, and spousal support.  The benefit of an uncontested proceeding is that it minimizes conflict and allows the parties to maintain control over the outcome.  However, if the spouses cannot agree on any of these issues, the matter becomes contested and requires the Court to make the decisions for the parties.  The Attorneys at The Marks Law Firm have over 75 years of combined experience helping families in both contested and uncontested family law litigation.

Can I get my marriage dissolved without a lawyer?
Yes, you can obtain a dissolution of marriage without the help of legal counsel.  However, there are a number of steps to the process and before you decide to do it alone, you should consider whether you are comfortable with the following questions:

  • What do I need to file to start the divorce process?
  • Where do I file the necessary documents?
  • Do I know and understand all of the applicable statutes and time limits?
  • What am I allowed to legally ask for during my divorce (i.e. alimony, child support etc…)?
  • Do I know all of my legal rights and how to avoid waiving them?
  • What are my obligations to my spouse and child(ren) during the case and how might those obligations change when we are finished?
  • How are child support and alimony determined?
  • How does the Court determine property division in a family law case?

These are only some of the issues that may come up during your divorce case, and the outcome of these issues will affect you for years to come.  At The Marks Law Firm, our family law attorneys know the answers to these questions and have the training and experience to ensure your rights are protected.

Won’t a lawyer turn our dissolution of marriage into a battleground?”
It’s true that sometimes attorneys can add to the dissension and make matters harder, but normally the opposite happens.  The emotions and personal feelings associated with a dissolution of marriage can be overwhelming.  It’s often difficult for spouses to be objective during the divorce and work together to reach a reasonable and proper result.  While the goal of your lawyer is to fight for you and to protect you and your child(ren), an experienced family lawyer will also help you understand the legal and practical issues involved in your case and avoid unnecessary costs and headaches.  Involving an attorney early on also gives you a better chance for an early resolution, which allows you to move on with your life more quickly.

How long do I have to live in Florida before I can file a divorce action?
A person seeking a divorce in Florida must have resided in the state for at least 6 months prior to filing the divorce.  This means you must have lived in Florida with the intent to remain here for at least the 6 months leading up to the beginning of your divorce case.  If you are unsure about which state has jurisdiction over your divorce case, you can contact the family law attorneys at The Marks Law Firm to discuss your concerns.

In Florida is there a waiting period before my divorce becomes final?
There is no waiting period or cooling off period in Florida. If you and your spouse agree on all issues that need to be resolved, and your paperwork is in order and properly completed, your divorce can be finished as quickly as the Court’s schedule allows for you to attend a final hearing.

Why is the date of separation important?
The date of separation can be important because it is one of the dates a Court can use to determine the value of property to be distributed during a divorce, and can set the date for determining back child support or spousal support.  The Court also often uses the date the Petition is filed, as it can be difficult to nail down a specific date of separation, especially when the parties have been growing distant over a period of months or even years.  Determining the proper date, and applying that date to the calculations involved, can be tricky, and if you have questions about this issue it is a good idea to contact one of the attorneys at The Marks Law Firm for a consultation. We are Orlando divorce lawyers.

How is the date of separation determined?
As mentioned above, it can be difficult to determine the separation date. If you know the exact date on which one of the parties left the marital home, that is likely the best way to calculate the date of separation.  If you don’t recall that date, or if you are still living together, it is hard to pinpoint a date of separation and the Court may use the date of the Petition instead.  If you have questions about determining your date of separation, or regarding the best date to use for valuing your property for legal purposes, you can call The Marks Law Firm and discuss your questions with one of our experienced family lawyers.

Divorce Initial Consultation:

How can I get the most out of my Initial Consultation?
You should come to your Initial Consult as prepared and organized as possible. That means it will help save time if you have at least some basic financial documents like your most recent paystub, savings, checking and brokerage statements. It will also be very helpful to fill out our Initial Consult forms as completely as possible prior to coming in for your consult to give to the Attorney when you meet.  You should also think of any questions you may want to ask and write those down or even E-mail them to the Firm prior to the day of the Initial Consult. The Orlando Attorneys at The Marks Law Firm work hard to combine excellent counsel with cost effective representation, and anything you can do to save the Attorney time will ultimately save you money.

If I request a consultation, does that mean I have to hire you?
No, you are under no obligation to hire the Attorney or the Firm because you have set an Initial Consult. You should take the time to make sure the firm is a good fit for you before you retain the Attorney.

Do you give consultations over the telephone?
Yes, this can be an effective way to get started especially with time constraints and perhaps geographical distances. Ultimately is usually is a good idea for the Client and the Attorney to meet in person, but as long as the Client completes the Initial Consult forms and emails them back with some basic financial documents, (see below) a telephonic Initial Consult can be very effective.

I don’t even know if I need an attorney.  Is there just a packet of forms I can use?
If you have no minor children, and you and your spouse can agree on everything and feel comfortable enough that you know what you are doing, there are forms for a “Simplified Dissolution of Marriage” available. You can also get forms if you have minor children, but we do not recommend it because of the added complexities. In fact if you have any significant assets or minor children, you should take the completed forms in to meet with an Attorney to look at them before you sign them. That way you may only have to pay an Attorney for one hour of time and then the rest yourself. Our Orlando Divorce Law Firm, Marks Law Firm regularly does this type of consultation and would be glad to answer any questions you have about the process before you file your paperwork.

Will I be involved in my own case?
Absolutely! At The Marks Law Firm in Orlando, FL our approach is that the Client and the Firm are a “Team.”  The Client knows the facts of the case better than the Attorney ever will, because the Client has lived through it, so the only way the Team can succeed is if we work together toward a common goal. When the Attorney/Paralegal and Client working collaboratively and with great communication, we can reach the best possible resolution for you and your family.


Google Reviews and Testimonials for Marks Law Firm Orlando, FL

Google Reviews:

“I’ve never been treated with more dignity and respect as I have with Marks Law Firm. I highly recommend Heather, she is compassionate and put my best interest first.” – Mark, 2023

“I received an amazing service! Great team, accurate communication and coordination specially from the Paralegal. I completely recommend to anybody who needs true help from professionals. Again thank you guys!” – James, 2023

“Attorney Tom Marks what every family law attorney should be. He fights for his clients, but in a professional, experienced, and effective way.” – Matt, 2023

“Great experience managing personal law.” – Drew, 2023

“Attorney Tom Marks went above and beyond during our initial consultation. He provided me with an incredible amount of encouragement and helpful insight into every detail pertaining to our case. I am so grateful for his servant heart!” – Kristen, 2023

“The Marks Law Firm PA, is a caring organization that focuses on saving relationships. Attorney Tom Marks, Collaborative Family Law works hard for his clients and their families and gets results.” – Mike, 2023

“Mr. Marks and his Firm supported me through a recent renegotiation of my child support obligation and they were fantastic. During a very trying time, Mr. Marks was empathetic, provided me all of my options, and helped me remain realistic while supporting my requests and hopes. It was very reassuring to sit next to an attorney during a mediation where he was able to lay out the 3 scenarios that will probably occur and then watch one of those exact scenarios play out. He is knowledgeable and very personable. I didn’t feel like just another client that they needed to assist and move on from. I wish he was the one who handled my divorce initially but he will be the one I go to for any and all future issues. His team was equally attentive and they followed my case through down to confirming my paycheck garnishment was updated. He understood the emotional, mental, and financial toll and was extremely cognizant of my pain points. I highly recommend Mr. Marks and his team. – Denise, 2023

“Tom Marks is one of the finest people I know.  As the former CEO and founder of National Association of Divorce Professionals and now the founder and President of Divorce Right, I would not hesitate to recommend Tom and his team.  They are caring, professional and are of the highest integrity (a big deal in this business).  If you need help moving through your divorce, do not hesitate to call on Tom and his entire team.  You will be well served.” – Vicky, 2023

“Attorney A. Jay Fowinkle of The Marks Law Firm, P.A., is honest, caring, and reliable. I refer my clients to him because I know they are in good hands.” – Barbara, 2023

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Tom Marks for more than a decade. Mr. Marks is the attorney who I highly endorse to our clients regarding legal needs in the expertise of family and collaborative law. Tom is a patient and compassionate listener who deeply cares about people. I highly recommend Tom and The Marks Law Firm.” – BJ, 2023

“I have known Tom Marks for 20+ years. I know that when I send one of my clients to The Marks Law Firm they will be well cared for, whether the case is extremely complex or more straightforward. I have also known AJay Fowinkle for 10+ years through the Christian Legal Society, and he is a great advocate for his clients and cares for his people as much as Tom and the rest of the team. The picture attached is of AJay, me, and other members of CLS serving lunch to the homeless at The Daily Bread. Tom, AJay, and the Marks Team are committed to serving their clients and the community.” – Anne-Marie, 2023

“Our firm and I have referred several prospective clients to The Marks Law Firm over the years, including a close friend, and they have been very pleased with the representation and level of service received by Tom and his wonderful team. It is no surprise as to why Tom and his firm are still going strong and providing great legal service in the area of family law for more than 30 years. It starts at the top and Tom leads by example. He is a man of integrity and Godly character. We will continue to send clients to The Marks Law Firm. They are first class!” – Gary, 2023

“Tom Marks is a calm, yet strong and understanding attorney who sincerely cares about each of his clients and their goals. He is perfect for handling a collaborative divorce case to smooth over the tough issues and feelings involved in a divorce and to amicably allow his clients to move on with their lives in healthy way without the stress and anger that often goes with a contested divorce.” – Michelle, 2023

“I highly recommend The Marks Law Firm, P.A. if you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of needing a family law firm. Family law matters are commonly overwhelming. This difficulty was eased by the professional and compassionate care I received from Attorney Tom Marks, Attorney Mari Minks, and their team. Tom has extensive (> 35 yrs) experience in family law and is highly regarded within the profession. He operates with the upmost integrity. He is prepared for the unexpected. He demonstrates genuine care about you, the client, and the outcomes of your case. Paired with good strategy, an empathetic and thoughtful approach from an attorney is a refreshingly great help for you, the client, in navigating the unfamiliar within the family law process. Your case will be in trustworthy hands with Attorney Tom Marks and his team of professionals.” – Linda, 2023

“Throughout my case, I felt cared for, heard, and genuinely supported by Attorney Tom Marks and his Team. Because of their dedication and heart for Family Law Clients, I don’t hesitate to refer others to The Marks Law Firm, P.A. Tom is committed to peaceful resolutions, when appropriate and his Collaborative Law experience allows his clients the opportunity to avoid litigation.” – Martha, 2023

“I recently had the opportunity to refer a client to The Marks Law Firm and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The team at The Marks Law Firm was incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and attentive to my client’s needs. From the initial consultation through to the resolution of the case, they were always available to answer any questions and provide updates on the progress of the case.

Additionally, The Marks Law Firm’s expertise and experience were evident throughout the entire process, and they were able to achieve a favorable outcome for my client. I am so grateful for their hard work and dedication to providing top-notch legal representation.

Overall, I highly recommend The Marks Law Firm to anyone seeking legal guidance and representation. Their commitment to excellence is unmatched, and I know that anyone who works with them will receive the same high-quality service that I and my client did. Thank you, The Marks Law Firm, for your outstanding work!” – Janie, 2023

“Attorney Fowinkle is outstanding. Thank you!” – David, 2023

“I met with Tom the same day I inquired about his services. Not only was he knowledgeable and professional, but also empathetic to my situation and gave me what felt like a personal and custom map to my legal journey. His staff was extremely warm and welcoming, with anyone and everyone greeting me as I entered the office lobby. He did not appear to be pushy, and allowed me take my time in making the right decision.” – Manuel, 2023

“I, unfortunately, had to seek out legal counsel unexpectedly and consulted with 1/2 dozen attorneys before deciding to use Tom Marks. Tom seemed, at many times, to show a spirit of patience which helped settle all parties in the room multiple times over. I have no doubt that his expertise kept a bad situation from turning horrible many times over. I hope never to require legal counsel in the future, but if I were to need to retain an attorney, I would make only consult with one group next time – and that would be the Marks Law Firm. Thank you.” – Ben, 2023

“I have worked with Tom Marks and the professional staff at The Marks Law Firm on a multitude of cases over many years. A number of those cases were resolved within a more peaceful, private and cost effective “Collaborative Process” than a traditional litigation process. Tom’s 15 years of experience in the Collaborative Law Process, of being goal-centered and solution-oriented, caters effectively and efficiently to his Family Law Clients who would like to avoid a high conflict case. I highly recommend Tom Marks, Esq and The Marks Law Firm for family law matters and his sage advice on a broad spectrum of issues.” – Bo, 2023

“Tom is caring, kind, and compassionate. He knows the law well and is willing to go to bat for his clients.” – Angie, 2023

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Thomas Marks professionally and personally for several years. Mr. Marks is well-respected within the Central Florida legal community for his stellar litigation skills. Mr. Marks feels, however, that many families experiencing a divorce can benefit by utilizing the Collaborative Process rather than going to court. He has successfully practiced Collaborative Law for over 15 years and has seen firsthand that it’s a better solution for many families who are going through a divorce. It’s less costly, less stressful, and can be a more efficient use of all parties’ time. I can confidently say that if you are a client of the Marks Law Firm, you will be well represented!” – Jeanne, 2023

“Having known Tom for nearly a decade now, I have had the privilege of watching him work with a number of my friends. With the collaborative process that he has been doing for over 15 years now, their divorces weren’t the hateful expensive event that I had known divorce to be. The collaborative process is done with great communication and experts in different areas coaching and leading the couple through the decision making around their future lives. Tom has the best interest of families in mind and this holistic approach to divorce is a blessing to families across Central Florida. Tom is a pure professional and easy to partner with, thought of highly among his peers while dealing with the most private of matters.” – Dawn, 2023

“Attorney Tom Marks and his Team are advocates for the Collaborative Family Law Process, which affords greater confidentiality of financial issues and often results in more amicable resolution for better future co-parenting. He believes Collaborative Law is a healthier approach to Family Law. I don’t hesitate to refer to The Marks Law Firm because I know that they are dedicated to going the extra mile for their Clients.” – Christine, 2023

“Great Family law firm. Honest and smart! Don’t look anywhere else.” – Richard, 2023

“I have known Tom Marks for almost 10 years, and I have had the opportunity to witness how he and his law firm work with their clients. I can confidently say that I am extremely impressed with their Collaborative Law services. They provide their clients with excellent guidance and support throughout the entire legal process and really go the extra mile to ensure a quick and positive experience. I highly recommend Tom Marks and the Marks Law Firm for anyone looking for a top-notch Collaborative Law Attorney or Family Law Attorney.” – Aimee, 2023

“The Marks Law Firm does an amazing job with families seeking divorce. They are great about keeping emotions in check with our clients. They do this with the Collaborative Law process with the goal of parents being amicable through the divorce process and after the divorce! They make sure the parents children are referred for counseling to help them minimize the effects of the divorce which is why I can firmly recommend The Marks Law Firm.” – Jim, 2023

“The Marks Law Firm is not only experienced in family matters, but approaches each case with integrity and vigor. I’ve know Tom Marks for years and highly recommend him.” – Paul, 2023

“I have known Tom Marks for over twenty-eight years. Over the last twenty years, I have sent The Marks Law Firm clients who needed counsel in the family law area. Tom Marks is an excellent attorney, who cares about his clients and their outcomes. He does not shy away from the difficult cases. His law firm handles divorce, child support, adoptions, and other type matters. He has developed a nice reputation in Central Florida as one of the premier attorneys to go to for a family law matter.” – Hallie, 2023

“Mr. Marks is both compassionate and an amazing lawyer. He has gone above and beyond in my complicated case. Making me feel understood and walking me through every step along this emotional and tough journey. I’m so thankful God lead me to this law firm.” – A, 2023

“I was acquainted with Attorney Tom Marks through the Orange County Bar Association. Once I got to know his professionalism and job knowledge, and that of his staff, I started referring my clients to them. The Marks Law Firm treated them well. I continue to see how his knowledge of family law is expansive and consult with him from time to time on my investigative agency’s cases. If you have a family law issue, I would recommend The Marks Law Firm, P.A.” – Ollie, 2022

“I have known and worked on legal issues together with Tom Marks for 20+ years. He is a man of integrity, great faith and the wonderful leader of his awesome team. The Marks Law Firm is second to none for resolving a family law issue because of their experience and ethics. Although a skilled litigator, Tom always approaches the family issue with sensitivity with the goal of keeping the changing family intact through and after the legal process. I greatly admire him for this approach which is very unique in the family law arena.” – Lynn, 2022

“I would highly recommend The Marks Law Firm and Attorney Tom Marks. Tom Marks operates with the highest level of integrity and drives his team to always do the right thing on behalf of their clients and their community.” – Julie, 2022

“The Marks Law Firm, P.A. got the job done! I’m not sure we would have gotten the same outcome if we had went with any other firm. Attorney Tom Marks, Matt and the entire office staff were nothing but amazing. My family and I knew we were in good hands right from the beginning, which brought a lot of peace to our situation. This is the only law firm I would ever recommend, even for completely unrelated cases!” – Christie, 2022

“Attorney Marks and his team did a great job throughout my divorce they were always there for me. They were very thorough and handled my case extremely well. I appreciate everything they did for me.” – Jorge, 2022

“Mr. Tom Marks brings a sense of peace to a chaotic and acrimonious process. I have seen how Tom seeks the best solution for his CLIENTS’ needs. Tom Marks is an ethical advocate who will have your back in this process because he genuinely cares for people.” – Kimberly, 2022

“Attorney Tom Marks, Family Law is Amazing! Tom has the knowledge and expertise to recognize what needs to get done and put the processes in place to accomplish the task! I am very impressed by how honorable and dedicated Tom Marks is and feel very comfortable in choosing The Marks Law Firm, PA.”
– Irene, 2022

“After calling around to a few places to handle an annulment for me, I got in contact with The Marks Law Firm. From there I was able to set up an appointment with Attorney Mari Minks, Family Law. Even though I’m on the west coast currently for work. We were able to handle my case over the phone and via email & the matter has now been resolved. I’m extremely impressed with how the process was handled. It was very straight forward and they always answered my questions and helped to ease my anxiety. I am so glad I chose to go with this Law Firm. Although I hope I never have to use their services again but I know who to go to if I ever need help again! Special Thanks to Kristine Brown, Mari Minks & MaKenna Stoker.”
– Alexis, 2022

“Attorney Thomas Marks exemplifies the attributes of the ideal lawyer: He’s brilliant, highly principled, tenacious and creative in negotiating the best possible outcome for his clients and their families – All while communicating the highest level of compassion as their fearless advocate. The Marks Law Firm, P.A.’s capable Team provides a seamless experience in maintaining an environment of security, positivity, and peacefulness throughout the Divorce process. For this, and many more reasons, Tom has earned the respect of his clients, opposing counsel and peers throughout The Central Florida Community.” – Aurora, 2022

“Atty Marks and his staff are amazing! Treat you like family and fully guide you through the process. I would highly recommend them and tell you they are the best in the area.” – Tracy, 2022

“There simply isn’t a better attorney for your family law needs. Tom is empathetic, intelligent and gifted at taking care of those he serves!” – Stacy, 2022

“I definitely recommend Thomas Marks for any family law matters. He conducts himself with the outmost character and is incredibly knowledgeable of the law.” – Sylvia, 2022

“The Marks Law Firm office staff was so courteous in answering questions and Mr. Marks was so on point in helping me figure out what I needed to do at a reasonable cost. Would definitely use them for any family law issues.” – Cathie, 2022

“Attorney Tom Marks and his team at The Marks Law Firm, PA are caring, compassionate, knowledgeable and extremely qualified. From day one I felt completely confident in Tom’s ability and never questioned that the outcome of my family law case would be the most equitable for all sides.” – Jorge, 2022

“I highly recommend Tom Marks and The Marks Law Firm, P.A. Tom Marks was the second attorney I hired during my Divorce process. With Tom’s many years of experience, he has developed a gift for diligently guiding his Clients through a difficult time. He’s very effective at coaching his Clients through the inherent emotional ups and downs. The folks in his office are equally skilled at their roles, treating you like family. I’m grateful for the many folks who referred me to Tom and his Team-only wishing I had found him in the beginning.” – Craig, 2022

“I would highly recommend Tom and The Marks Law Firm to anyone needing assistance in family legal matters. We had a great experience! Tom was very thorough, empathetic, and helped us through a difficult process.” – Wendy, 2022

“I have so much to thank The Marks Law Firm P.A., Attorney A Jay Fowinkle, Orlando, Family Law. From the very first call on 1/6/2022, when I found out by searching on and found that my boys father had filed a contempt order against me back in 11/19/2021 without informing me. I was referred to The Marks Law Firm, immediately on my first call spoke with MaKenna Stoker. She was so kind, polite, professional, and most important for me understanding of my current situation. I was very concerned as I had no idea what this case was about. I immediately hired them to represent me. Due to my kids father who was/is extremely difficult to communicate with, after informing him of our boys who have disabilities, such as autism, ADHD, and currently severe depression, anxiety and suicidal. The Marks Law Firm, including Kerilyn and Attorney A Jay Fowinkle were so understanding and compassionate in understanding the case. Attorney A Jay and his paralegal were sharp, kind, and super-fast on helping me with taking my case. Since again I wasn’t even aware of what was going on. Their understanding for my boy’s condition when dealing with such a delicate case. I’m so glad I found Attorney A Jay and his staff to help me and my family through this very difficult time. I definitely recommend anyone to The Marks Law Firm if you are in need of a family attorney. I will be eternally grateful for their help, understanding, and guidance through this very hard time. While always keeping my boys best interest a priority.” – Elisa, 2022

“Tom Marks has a great team and a very thoughtful approach to the practice of law. He has extensive experience in all aspects of family law. Tom Marks is a seasoned litigator but always seeks to create options that offer a peaceful resolution when possible. Tom has an effective balance of wisdom, candor and compassion. Tom has a great reputation in Central Florida among colleagues and clients. I have repeatedly referred clients to Tom and The Marks Law Firm and will continue to do so.” – Steve, 2022

“The Marks Law Firm was there for me during a very difficult time in my first marriage. I felt very important as a client and the firm was very supportive and took great interest in my case. They helped me and was there for me every step of the way. Their staff was very professional and I felt I was treated with a lot of care and compassion. I would recommend anyone to the firm.” – Coy, 2022

“One of the best family law firms in Orlando. Tom Marks and The Marks Law Firm in Orlando Florida are a team that really care about their clients and the experience they have. I’ve been there a few times and they are always kind. The office makes you feel welcome and you can count on them to answer any of your questions. It is apparent they are there to help! If you have any questions or concerns at all, give The Marks Law Firm a call.” – Jeff, 2022

“The Marks Law Firm, P.A., is a firm you can trust! If you require a family law attorney in Orlando, look no further! Attorney Tom Marks is an honest attorney. He shows his clients dignity while educating them throughout the entire legal process. I personally recommend the entire team at The Marks Law Firm, P.A.” – Krystal, 2022

“Contracting The Marks Law Firm, P.A., Attorney Tom Marks, Orlando has been the best decision in the midst of a difficult time. His staff is not only empathic and courteous, they are incredibly efficient and respect my time as well. Tom is perhaps the rarest of individuals practicing law today, an attorney that actually cares about people above solely financial interest. His calm and steady demeanor is the obvious result of years of experience that is difficult to find elsewhere. I spoke to various attorneys beforehand, and the only time I was actually heard was when speaking to Tom Marks and his staff. I highly recommend contacting his exceptional firm today and setting up a consult. Just a few minutes of talking with him and you’ll understand Tom’s success comes from his ability to focus on his clients’ needs.”
– G, 2022

“I was recommended to Tom Marks’ Law Firm a year ago. I entered the divorce process wanting as amicable and family-centered a process as possible to ensure a strong future relationship with my spouse and for the protection and well being of our children. Tom was extremely understanding of my desires and extremely knowledgeable around the collaborative divorce process. He was a true professional and demonstrates a high level of expertise along the way. As we went through the process, and because of the collaborative team assembled, the support by the team for my spouse and I, and the tone and approach of amicability and meeting each other’s needs, after almost a year, my spouse and I were able to reconcile and cease the divorce process. And Tom was a big part of that. While we worked through the challenging details of the divorce process itself, we always had an eye on possible reconciliation and built in avenues for that to be a real option. It was and our family is staying together. Tom is a professional. He’s kind, understanding, knowledgeable, and seeks the best for his clients and all of those involved in the process. I strongly recommend Tom Marks law firm.” – Shawn, 2022

“Mr. Marks was amazing, highly-qualified and recommended.” – Danielle, 2022

“Tom Marks of The Marks Law Firm is a collaborative attorney that represents clients ethically and with a deep understanding of the law. I highly recommend him and his firm for representation with any family law matters.” – Charlene, 2022

“Tom Marks and I are both members of the National Association of Divorce Professionals, where we serve on the leadership team for the Downtown Orlando Chapter. With over 35 years of experience in family law, Tom is not only highly skilled and knowledgeable but he also deeply cares about his Clients and their children. He has a keen ability to confidently represent Family Law Clients who are in need of legal guidance. As a collaboratively trained attorney, Tom truly cares about the best outcome for his Clients and prioritizes maintaining healthy family dynamics wherever possible. He will strongly defend your rights and the rights of your children. If you are in the Central Florida area and would like to speak with a great family law attorney who’s highly respected and will go the extra mile for his Clients and their families, I encourage you to contact Tom Marks and his Team at The Marks Law Firm, P.A.”
– Alicia, 2022

“Tom Marks is an excellent attorney here in Central Florida with over 35 years of experience that deeply cares about his clients through integrity, dedication and personal attention. Tom and I have worked together on many cases and as a Family Law professional that has worked with many Family Law Attorneys in the area and Tom Marks is TOP NOTCH. If you need an attorney that truly cares about your wellbeing, I would highly recommend reaching out to Tom Marks at The Marks Law Firm, PA.”
– Robert, 2022

“Matt Capstraw of Marks Law Firm was truly caring, diligent, and meticulous when working on my Domestic Violence Case. I truly felt he was passionate about keeping my daughter and myself safe. He was very knowledgeable in all the rules/laws in his field and how it would even pan out into the divorce. I feel Matt was always thinking ahead, and he was quick to respond to all my emails and would meet with me quickly. I was impressed with his manner and knowledge in court and how the judge responded to him. Thanks again, Matt, for everything!” – Ashley, 2022

“When I found out that my now ex-husband wanted a divorce after 16 years of marriage back in 1998, I was devastated and beyond belief, and knowing I was going to be a single mom to a 11 and 14 year old girls. A friend of mine referred me to Tom and she told me that he will be there with me through the whole process and I didn’t have to worry about all the legalities alone! I called his office and made my appointment to go and talk with him. Tom was very knowledgeable of the law and made me very comfortable, knowing I made the correct decision in choosing him to represent me. The divorce was very tough on my girls and me but Tom and his wonderful staff were there for us throughout that entire year. He gave counsel on how to do things, asked often how my girls were doing and I know without a doubt he and his staff prayed for us! The divorce was 24 years ago now, and my e-husband just retired recently. I’m entitled to some of his retirement and again, I needed professional advice, as what to do. I DID NOT hesitate in thinking what to do, I called Tom Marks again, after all these years, he totally remembered who I was and said absolutely he would represent me again. Tom is a very godly man, and I would not have made it as far as I have, if Tom was not my attorney, then and again today! If you are in need of an attorney, look no more and call TOM MARKS! You will not be disappointed!!” – Dee, 2022

“After a long and frustrating 2-year legal process that just seemed to drag on forever, even months past the final judgement of divorce; I was referred to Attorney Tom Marks. I cannot even begin to describe the weight that has been lifted off of my mind and mental shoulders and what a fantastic decision it was to hire him to help me settle my affairs and co-parent peacefully, after all of this time! From our very first meeting, I felt like Tom not only listened to, but heard me. He and his hard-working staff (specifically Jackie & Kristy) have helped me to streamline every step of what had previously been a completely hectic process. I feel like I can finally breathe again and can now focus on moving forward. Thank you, Tom & Team! I only wish I would have initially started the process with your Firm.”
– Joni, 2022

“Tom is the consummate gentleman. He is empathetic and attentive and makes his clients feel welcome and cared for. Very knowledgeable in all aspects of divorce law. You can feel confident that you will be represented well!” – Eric, 2022

“I have known Tom Marks for many years and appreciate his professional expertise and Christian commitment. I refer him family law cases when I have an opportunity.” – Stephen, 2022

“I highly recommend working with Thomas Marks and his law firm. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, I have seen first the level of professionalism, expertise and empathy that Tom brings to his cases.” – Victoria, 2022

“Tom Marks from The Marks Law Firm is honest, sincere and very professional. He cares about his clients and treats them with respect and kindness. I highly recommend him and his firm.” – Kim, 2022

“The Marks Law Firm provided exceptional and professional services while I was going through the divorce process. Mr. Marks genuinely cared about my case and went the extra mile to ensure that I understood my options and guided me through making decisions that would lead to the best outcome for my children. I am grateful to him and his team for being there for me while going through this life-changing experience. As someone I trust and greatly respect, I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a family law attorney.” – M, 2022

“I retained Thomas Marks after years of battling an extremely difficult ex husband in regards to our minor child. Tom listens, is very compassionate, understanding, sharp and extremely wise. He does try to find the best resolution for the children and his clients on a personal level and thoughtfully thinks through the entire legal process. As a single mom who is busy with a young child I cant tell you how much that means. Tom’s professionalism, grace and legal skills are instrumental in any legal situation. His paralegal Jackie is also very kind and always so helpful. I am so glad I found Tom and his team when I did, and I can rest assured everything is being taken care of with the upmost professional respect. If you have a family legal matter, please do not waste you time continuing to search for representation and go see Thomas Marks!! His genuine concern for you shows in every conversation.” – Amber, 2022

“The Marks Law Firm was excellent! I came to Matt Capstraw 7 months ago with an issue that was beyond belief and with his and his teams legal guidance and expertise they helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life. His team is caring, and attentive, they’re concern for me was unmatched. I am greatly appreciative. The entire staff was courteous, and very knowledgeable in all aspects. Again highly appreciated. I thank God that I was able to be represented by this law firm and staff. I would gladly refer them to anyone in need and will always appreciate how they helped me. Thank you.”
– Randy, 2021

“It has been a great experience working with Tom and staff at The Marks Law Firm. From MaKenna at the front desk to Kathy in billing and of course Jackie Tom’s assistant were competent and professional consistently. Tom assisted Me in a collaborative divorce and from the start Tom’s main concern were the Kids. Simply phenomenal from start to finish I could not have asked for a more confident, kind and considerate Attorney. Tom’s representation has brought such a highly satisfactory resolution to Me and my Family that even my now ex-wife talked about how “Blessed” I was to have him on My side. I highly recommend The Mark’s Law Firm and will always be thankful. A firm Simply second to none…Thank you All.” – Allan, 2021

“I can’t say enough about Mr. Marks and his fabulous staff at the Marks Law Firm P.A. They worked diligently and realistically to guide me through a difficult paternity case. Their kind, compassionate, tenacious approach and honesty was so much appreciated. I would highly recommend this group for any family law matters!” – Jennifer, 2020

“Tom assisted me in a collaborative divorce case and it went very smooth. He is attentive, protects his client’s best interests, and understands how to navigate sensitive issues with the opposing party. Tom has a way to make everyone feel at ease during a difficult process. I would recommend Tom to my friends and family.” – Skip, 2020

“A firm that has a huge heart for their clients and operates with the utmost of integrity. The team works amazingly well together and has great communication. Everything is done so timely and you are never left wondering what is going on. An incredibly talented team that is beyond humble. Wonderful group to work with. If you have any family law needs I highly recommend.” – Sheena, 2020

“Tom Marks is a great lawyer, and a caring and compassionate person. He is an excellent choice when seeking a skilled advocate and trusted counselor.” – David, 2020

“Tom is so personable. When you talk to Tom you have his full undivided attention and his professionalism makes you know you are in the best hands during hard times. As a fellow professional he is my top choice to refer my clients here in Orlando.” – Jessie, 2020

“My family will never forget the help we received from Tom Marks and his firm during a very dark and discouraging time in our lives. Our recommendation of him is without reservation.” – Seth, 2020

“I have known Tom through business for several years. I have always known him to be trustworthy, and to care deeply about the wellbeing of his clients.” – Kim, 2020

“I’ve worked with a lot of the professionals in this office and they have all amazed me. There is a drive, confidence and peace in the way they serve their clients well. They work hard to restore order to their client’s life.” – Jason, 2019

“In my search for a reputable law firm to handle my child custody case, I explored my options until I found the Matt Capstraw at the Marks Law Firm. Matt has, through my experience, proven to be compassionate, understanding and patient during the long term process. His legal knowledge and unflappable demeanor far surpassed even my highest expectations, and I found that I could count on him to be a trusted adviser.” – Matthew, 2019

“The Marks Law Firm has the best interest of their clients at their top priority. I appreciated the integrity and compassion that is shown in the office.” – Rikki, 2019

“Tom Marks is a unique and very special domestic law attorney. He combines skill, knowledge, heart and a Christian spirit which he uses beautifully to guide those going through the most difficult relationship and family circumstances, to bring about the best possible resolution.” – Janet, 2019

“Mr. Marks is a true professional – a distinguished man, he is knowledgeable and ready to make a difference in the lives of all he touches. His caring nature is visible from the first time you meet him. Everyone in his office is so attentive and kind. I would recommend to anyone!” – Maude, 2019

“I can confidently share that my divorce was conducted with the utmost care and authenticity I could ever have hoped for. Mr. Marks makes sure you know you are his priority, he offers his clients knowledge which helps lead to sound decision making, he works on your behalf if you chose collaboration with your best interests in the forefront, and his attention to detail is impressive. Hiring a divorce attorney can be an overwhelming decision, but the minute I met with Mr. Marks and his paralegal, Mari, and staff, I knew I could put my trust in their hands. The way they do business is very fair, conscientious of financials, even making an effort to direct me in ways to keep costs down. Mr. Marks is a kind person, but he will also confidentially fight for what his client needs and rightfully deserves. Divorce isn’t easy, but the Marks Law Firm eased my mind over and over again, a true support system.” – Shauna, 2019

“Tom is one of the best attorneys in Central FL!” – Dallas, 2019

“White glove service from the start layered with clear & consistent communication from the very first point of contact is the standard of service the The Marks Law firm delivers. I was once a client but was always treated like family and that hasn’t changed after 9 years. I have referred several friends & would recommend anyone frustrated with their current counsel’s lack of service or constant missed deadlines to have the courage to make 1 phone call or send this firm an email. Whether it’s divorce, mediation or reconciliation, Atty Marks & his team will compassionately listen, align your needs & goals and then deliver top notch results every time. Thank you for standing firm & giving so many people hope & a voice during an extremely challenging time in anyone’s life.” – Anna, 2019

“I have had the pleasure of working with The Marks Law Firm, specifically, Mr. Tom Marks and found him to be great in several important ways. Tom was kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and understanding with clients. This was true of his own clients as well as others. He is not afraid to admit when he doesn’t know and seems to have an unending supply of experts in various fields to assist him when he needs it. I have had the opportunity to meet the staff and found them to be equally professional and kind. It is obvious that Tom chooses his staff carefully and trains them well. I highly recommend The Marks Law Firm!” – Jenny, 2019

“I have known Tom and his staff for years, attending church, bible studies and have also been his client. I was so touched to see how much they care for the whole family. He actually invited his clients husband to his men’s group and tried to help him spiritually before ever proceeding with a divorce. He has worked closely with my family, and we feel this office is family! You will find what you need at this law firm.” – Joanne, 2019

“Unlike any others- in the best way possible! Tom Marks and the whole crew at The Marks Law Firm are incredible! High integrity, incredible depth of knowledge, and deep care for their clients. I can’t say enough about Tom Marks. Law is a science and an art. I have met MANY attorneys that care more about money or the “win” then what is best for their clients. You will be well communicated with throughout the process. And Tom Marks as well as the other attorneys there find out what is most important to you, their client, and start there. They work with heart, grit and authentic care for those they serve.”
– Kristi, 2019

I have been acquainted with Mr. Tom Marks for several years. During that time I have found Mr. Marks to be very committed to his faith in God, his family and to his clients. He seeks to do his work with excellence and provide all of his clients with the very best legal representation possible. Mr. Marks is a very engaged person, with his church, family, his law colleagues and with the community at large. – William, 2019

“Tom Marks did what I considered to be impossible. When I left my husband of over 20 years, I fully expected to be financially ruined and had other significant concerns as well. Even when my case became very contentious, Tom never wavered in his commitment to get the best possible outcome for me and my daughters. His expertise and steadfast faith allowed for a favorable outcome and ensured that I received adequate resources to make a fresh start. The best decision you could ever make, if you ever find yourself in the process of divorce, is to completely and totally trust Tom Marks and follow his advice. He will always look out for your best interest even when it is difficult. My life and that of my daughters has been forever changed for the better and I will be eternally grateful to Tom Marks and his staff.” – Joan, 2019

“There are a lot of lawyers to choose from in Orlando but Matthew Capstraw is amazing I cannot recommend him enough. He outsmarted opposing Counsel on every move and got me everything I was afraid of losing.” – Gina, 2018

“I am so grateful for The Marks Law Firm. Through my divorce proceedings they were a great balance of being kind and understanding while also giving me the truth of the reality legal system. Everyone I interacted with at The Marks Law Firm was gracious and supportive. I knew I had a team of people who were on my side. I was also grateful to find a Christian lawyer in Mr. Marks; who supported me as a believer through a process that I never expected myself to be in.” – Ashley, 2018

“When I recently found myself in need of a divorce lawyer, Tom Marks and his law firm gave me not only expert legal assistance, but also kindness and compassion. From the first contact on the telephone, through my initial consultation, in every email, and at the signing of my final paperwork, Mr. Marks and his entire staff made me feel valuable, cared for, and encouraged. It was a uniquely positive experience, for it’s not often you find a business which combines faith and Christian values with hard work and expert skill. The Marks Law Firm is a credit to the legal profession and a vital part of the Orlando community, and I will be forever grateful for their assistance. I would enthusiastically and without reservation recommend their services to anyone seeking legal representation.” – Andrea, 2017

“This entire team was with me throughout the whole divorce process. Very professional, compassionate, supportive and kind over this 7 month process. I felt very comfortable and welcome the times I had to come to the office and with every email correspondence from them. I cannot thank them enough for everything they have done for me and would highly recommend any person I know to The Marks Law Firm. They are the very best.” – Joyce, 2016

“Wonderful competent team of lawyers who are committed to you and your legal rights.” – Nancy, 2015

“I worked with the Marks Law Firm about 3 years ago when I went through a divorce. My attorney was compassionate, helpful, protective and helped me to find ways to save money–even on her services! I appreciate the integrity of the attorneys and staff at the Marks Law Firm. Since that time, Tom himself has contacted me to ask if I had a good experience. I have referred several friends and clients to them, and will continue to do so.” – Dawn, 2014

I met with Mr. Marks after a bad experience with another local attorney concerning my impending divorce. From the moment I made the appointment on the phone, walked in the door, spoke with several team members, had my consultation with Mr. Marks and left the office, I knew I was in the right place and would be taken care of as if I were the only client. Everyone in the office is knowledgeable, friendly, caring and understanding. They made me feel at home and not afraid of the process I was about to go through, because for me it was so many different emotions. From day one until the process was complete I felt taken care of. All i’s were dotted and t’s were crossed and they kept me in the loop at all times as to what was going on with my side as well as opposing counsel. Divorce was not easy, but Mr. Marks was there to meet me where I was emotionally. Encouraging, reassuring, compassionate. I was someone who needed an attorney to go the extra mile and he did. I so appreciate and am thankful for him, his lovely wife and his entire team for getting me through this time in my life.” – Ruth, 2014


“Mr. Marks works from spiritual compass that delivers confidence, compassion, validation, focus, strategy, STRONG just and legal representation resulting in restoration and peace. He was true to his word on all matters concerning my settlements.  I feel very fortunate to have been lead to Mr. Marks and his exceptional staff.  Bottom line- he gets the job done.  No drama. We settled in mediation and I was totally prepared.” – Cynthia Bauerle, Former Client of Attorney Tom Marks

“Tom Marks did an outstanding job representing me over the past 10 plus years.  He guided me through a divorce in 2002 and continues to represent me over the years to enforce the terms of my divorce with my former husband.  He was always available to talk to me, answer questions and ensure that my children and I would be okay.  He is fair, honest and thorough.  I have also worked with various members of his staff and other Attorneys in his firm and always received the up-most service, care and concern.  I am grateful for Tom and his firm for helping through a difficult time in my life.  He is the BEST!” – Former Client of Attorney Tom Marks

“I first met Tom Marks over 8 years ago when he handled my divorce and custody proceedings. During some of the darkest days of my adult life, he was my rock. He handled the legal proceedings masterfully, but in addition offered me the support I needed during this most difficult time. I had no idea what to expect from the entire legal process and since he has the knowledge and expertise of over 20 years in the Orlando area, I was able to completely put my trust in him and know he had the best interest of myself and my two young children at the forefront of his mind. At no time did I ever feel like I was bothering him when I presented my lists of questions and he always took the time to explain what was going on and made sure I understood the process, knew what to expect each step of the way and that all my concerns were addressed to my satisfaction. In addition to having the fullest confidence in his abilities as my attorney, I was impressed with his entire practice. It is clearly evident that Mr. Marks surrounds himself with a staff of the highest quality. Every person I encounter at the Marks Law Firm from reception to paralegals are polite, professional and knowledgeable. Every phone call and email is answered in a timely fashion and you have the sense that every person in the office is working for you and on your team. In spite of the difficult circumstances by which I met Tom Marks, I am so thankful that our lives crossed paths. I have great admiration for the work that he does, the family that he has and clearly loves and the fact that he cares so deeply for each one of his clients. I am forever thankful that he helped me transition into the next….very happy….chapter of my life. Although we no longer have a ‘professional’ relationship, I feel like I have gained a dear friend who will forever have a special place in my heart.” – Carolyn Calhoun, Former Client of Attorney Tom Marks

“I have the highest regard for Mr. Thomas Marks, not only as a brilliant Family Law/Trial Attorney, but as an extraordinary individual who leads by example and displays genuine compassion for his clients and their families during a major life transition. Each process of the proceedings were delineated and flowed seamlessly. I could not have asked for a more capable and considerate support system than through the staff of The Marks Law Firm. Mr. Marks maintains the highest ethical standards and is esteemed by the Central Florida legal society. His generous spirit is revealed through his community enrichment endeavors and his devotion to his family and friends. A gifted and formidable communicator, Mr. Marks’ expertise in diplomacy, ease in handling complex issues, while exhibiting the finest business acumen is evidenced by the most favorable results achievable for his clients and their families. I consider Tom Marks and The Marks Law Firm to be the premier Family Law practice of Central Florida.” – Former Client of Attorney Tom Marks

“Tom demonstrated a thorough understanding of family law and how it applied to the difficult scenarios my family faced. He was able to guide me through this process with wisdom and strength in order to achieve the best outcome for myself and my children.” – Former Client of Attorney Tom Marks

“Mr. Marks is highly effective at protecting children in messy divorces. He represented me for over 5 years in an extremely difficult divorce with a child’s welfare at stake. He is extremely experienced in both Orange and Seminole counties which allows him to provide you with important information about what to expect, resources available and how to navigate during the process. He provides you with all your options and helps you determine what would be the best direction to take and then represents you aggressively. I highly recommend him to handle your divorce case as well as other situations where you need help, particularly if you have children at risk.” – Former Client of Attorney Tom Marks

Professional Endorsements

“I endorse this lawyer. I have known Tom Marks for approximately 10 years and I can say, without hesitation, that he is not only a skilled attorney, but also a great “counselor”; that other often overlooked term applicable to the practice of law. That takes on extra meaning in the field of family law. Tom represents and counsels his clients through one of the most emotionally difficult periods anyone can face, marital issues. Tom also does so with a kind and caring Christian heart. I have and will continue to refer persons seeking a family law attorney to Tom because I know that they will receive not only a very skilled attorney, but also a counselor.” – Gary Wilson, Employment and Labor Attorney via Avvo (2017)

Fellow Lawyer in Community

“Tom Marks is a Christian Family Law Attorney who most notably cares about his clients. Tom thrives on relationships with his clients and with other professionals. To that end, Tom heads up the Orlando Chapter of the National Association of Divorce Professionals (NADP) as a founding member and Director unifying professionals who serve clients going through all stages of divorce. The NADP organization is unique. It not only allows professionals of all walks to strategically network, it provides divorce-centered education and comprehensive development. Tom has an impeccable reputation with other professionals as an excellent lawyer, a man of integrity and a true expert in family law such that other professionals collaborate with Tom to obtain the best result for their clients. I highly recommend Tom to any potential client.” – Thomas Rogers, Estate Planning Attorney via Avvo (2017)

Relationship: Fellow Lawyer in Community

“I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Tom Marks for the past 5 years.  Tom is a man of great integrity.  That integrity is the guiding compass for how he manages his firm and clients he serves.  Tom and his staff provide hands on, personalized, professional service in sensitive areas of Family Law.  I highly recommend Tom and should I ever be in need of Family Law services, The Marks Law Firm would be the only firm I would call.” – Julie Kleffel, Executive Vice President, Chief Banking Officer at Seacoast Bank via LinkedIn (2012)

*Each case is unique and the testimonials above are not a guarantee of similar results in future cases.*

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Mediation is a process by which an impartial third-party, the Mediator, assists the parties in resolving their dispute.  The family lawyers at the Marks Law Firm can help guide you through this non-adversarial approach to conflict resolution that empowers the parties to generate their own solution to their dispute.  In Florida, parties to a dissolution (divorce) proceeding are required to attend mediation before moving toward a trial and each Florida County has a Mediation Department to assist with the process. The Marks Law Firm also works regularly with private mediators to help clients resolve their matter more efficiently and with less expense.

Mediation is a great way to resolve your matter without the cost, both financially and personally, that usually accompanies a full trial.  Through mediation the parties maintain control over the result through negotiation and discussion, which generally is preferred to ceding control to a Judge who may or may not see things your way.  The family law attorneys at The Marks Law Firm have significant experience working with clients through mediation and have found mediation to be a fruitful and positive experience for most clients.

Mediation is a great way for pro se parties with limited funds to obtain a quick and fair resolution of their case, and The Marks Law Firm can provide support to individuals in that situation.  If you would like more information about mediation in Central Florida, contact the family law attorneys at The Marks Law Firm in Orlando to schedule a consultation.

Modification / Enforcement

Modification / Enforcement

When parties reach an agreement to settle, or a Court at trial orders a resolution to a family law dispute, those decisions are based on the parties’ circumstances at the time of the agreement or order.  When those circumstances change, however, the agreement or court order may need to change as well.  The Orlando family law attorneys at The Marks Law Firm can help you in seeking to obtain that necessary change.

In Florida, a party that has experience a “substantial change” in its circumstances may be entitled to a modification of their agreement or the Court’s order so that party’s rights and obligations reflect their current reality.  For instance, if a husband who is paying alimony to his former wife learns that the former wife, who was previously unemployed, now has a job and earns more money and perhaps more than he does, the husband may be entitled to a reduction or elimination of his alimony obligations.

Likewise, if a father paying child support to his former wife suddenly loses his job, he may be entitled to a reduction or elimination of those payments as well.  If you believe your circumstances have “substantially changed” since the end of your family law matter, you may be entitled to a change in your rights or obligations.  Contact the Orlando Family Law Attorneys at The Marks Law Firm for a one-on-one consultation to ensure you are protected.  If you would like more information about modification in Central Florida, contact the family law attorneys at The Marks Law Firm in Orlando to schedule a consultation.

Contempt or Enforcement

Contempt or Enforcement

When a parent or former spouse refuses to comply with a Court Order, it may be appropriate to ask the Court to hold him or her in Contempt of court or Enforce the Order or Final Judgment.  The Court has the authority to act to ensure compliance with the Order and may even impose sanctions on the non-compliant party and award you attorney’s fees for your efforts.

To begin the process of Contempt/Enforcement, you should become aware of the steps required by the Court.

Important Points to Keep in Mind:

  • Forms should be typed or completed in black ink
  • Motions should be signed before a notary or deputy clerk
  • Electronic filing procedures are unique to each judicial circuit
  • Specific electronic filing instructions are available for those who are self-represented
  • Once a Hearing has been set by the Court, you will need to complete a Notice of Hearing

If you or your children are the victims of a party who refuses to honor a Court Order, call The Marks Law Firm in Orlando Florida for a one-on-one consultation to receive clear advice to discuss your options.



When two unmarried parties have a child, it often becomes necessary to establish paternity for purposes of obtaining timesharing or establishing child support.  The Orlando paternity lawyers at The Marks Law Firm can guide you through this process and help ensure that your rights are protected, whether you are a father seeking time with his child or a mother in need of support.

Many men have learned the hard way that having their name on the birth certificate is not the same as having a Final Judgment establishing their parental rights when they need them. Many women have realized that receiving voluntary child support payments does not guarantee they will continue uninterrupted.  Only an Order of Paternity establishes rights of timesharing support legally.

If you would like more information about paternity law in Central Florida, contact the family law attorneys at The Marks Law Firm in Orlando to schedule a consultation.



The decision to adopt is one of the most important choices your family will ever make. Whether you are starting a family or growing your own, adoption is a blessing and a gift to everyone involved. It is important to recognize the complexity and various time periods of all adoption related cases. Despite your eagerness to officially welcome a child into your family, often times the necessary legal procedures may span several months.  If you begin the process without thorough research, you may find yourself becoming overwhelmed quickly. Each adoption journey differs beyond the child involved. Do not underestimate the impact of the details and how your current family dynamic could change.

Perhaps you are in a position to gain legal guardianship of a stepchild, or even a child in the foster care system. No matter the specifics of your circumstances, be mindful of how you would like to proceed with your case in the most efficient and seamless manner. Your consultation with an attorney will provide you with an opportunity to explore many different possibilities.

You need a family law firm with the experience and understanding to support you through the adoption process, Florida adoption law and adoption finalization.  At The Marks Law Firm in Orlando, Florida it is our pleasure to help clients experience the joy of growing their family through adoption, whether domestic or international.  Our Orlando family attorneys and paralegals employ the right balance of legal skill and personal compassion as we work with you to make the dream of parenthood a reality.

Regardless of your stage in the adoption process, The Marks Law Firm Orlando is here to support you in the child adoption process. Call our office to schedule a consultation with one of our seasoned attorneys. We look forward to serving your adoption related needs.



Alimony is provided for in FL Statute 61.08. There are literally hundreds of Appellate cases in Florida significantly impacting how this Statute is interpreted.

When spouses separate or divorce the financial burden on each spouse can be significant. Interestingly, the status of alimony in Florida is currently in a state of flux. There have been substantial changes to the alimony statutes and the corresponding case law over the past several years, and there is a movement affront in Florida to abolish Permanent Periodic Alimony.

Alimony, or Spousal Support, is the payment made by one spouse to the other. Alimony can be court-ordered or agreed to by the parties, however, not every separated or divorcing spouse is entitled to alimony. We can assess your unique situation and clearly and concisely counsel you as to your legal rights.

There are 6 types of alimony in Florida:

1. Permanent Periodic Alimony
2. Rehabilitative Alimony
3. Durational Alimony
4. Bridge the Gap Alimony
5. Lump Sum Alimony
6. Temporary Alimony

The number one and number two factors in all alimony cases are: 1. Does one spouse have a Financial Ability to pay and 2. Does the other spouse have a financial need to receive Alimony? You must meet both criteria for it to be an alimony case.

In Florida, under FL Statute 61.08, there are a number of additional factors to consider when determining whether alimony is appropriate, including the length of the marriage, standard of living, the health, education and age of the parties, non-marital resources available to the parties and other contributions made to the marriage.

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Child Support

Child Support

In any separation or divorce involving minor children, the best interests of the children are paramount. Unfortunately, not every parent is willing to do their part and child support guidelines can be complicated to understand and often lead to contentious dispute between the parties. The Marks Law Firm has the knowledge and experience to help you make sure that your child support determination is fair and accurate. In Florida, child support is determined based on Florida Child Support Guidelines that considers each parent’s income and other factors like who pays the health insurance premiums, day care, or after school care for the minor children. Even Alimony payments made and received can affect Florida child support calculations and Florida child support payments.

You can review Florida’s child support guidelines by clicking here:

While the statutory guidelines provide the parties with a starting point for their Florida child support obligations, it is often appropriate to deviate from the amount provided for in the statute. The Marks Law Firm will consider your unique situation and help you determine whether a deviation is appropriate.  And for those parents already paying or receiving child support, we can analyze your situation to help you decide whether to modify or terminate your child support obligations or to enforce support obligations that the other parent isn’t meeting.

The Marks Law Firm’s child support lawyers in the Orlando, Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, Winter Springs, Winter Garden, Kissimmee, Longwood, Clermont, Ocoee, Lake Mary area with help and advise on your child support situation. Call us today.