Health Issues, Medical Care, Health Insurance and Divorce

As the pink ribbons blanketing Central Florida reflect, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Like most of you, The Marks Law Firm has been touched by the destructive impact breast cancer can have, both on a family’s personal relationship and its finances. That’s why we wanted to take this opportunity to remind our extended family (you guys!) that Florida’s Statutes governing family law are aware of, and make provision for, the costs that accompany breast cancer and other medical struggles you might face.

Unfortunately, the development of significant medical issues can leave a family or individual in financial straits. Medical issues normally arise unexpectedly, putting an unplanned strain on finances that can be difficult to overcome. If you are a spouse preparing for a divorce, or a former spouse who faces growing medical bills, you are not alone.

Florida Statute 61.08, governing the determination of alimony in a divorce case, specifically takes into account the physical and emotional well-being (or health) of each spouse. And if you’re already divorced, the onset of sudden and unexpected health issues (and the bills that come with them) may constitute a substantial change in circumstances justifying an increase in the support you currently receive.
Similarly, the Florida Statutes also provide relief for spouses and former spouses struggling to care for a sick child.
There are few things that are harder on a parent than having to comfort and provide for a child struggling with health issues. When that happens, the last thing you want to worry about is the cost of the care your child needs. Florida Statute 61.30 addresses these concerns by discussing the cost of healthcare in the child support calculation. If you have a child battling illness, and the bills seem overwhelming, you may be able to obtain a much-needed increase in the child support you receive from the other parent.

No parent should have to make healthcare decisions for herself or her children based solely on the cost of the care involved. If you’re struggling with these costs and worried that your family may not be able to get the care it needs, call The Marks Law Firm to schedule a consultation and discuss your options.