How to Strengthen Your Marriage During a Pandemic

In recent weeks, you may have heard that numerous couples in China are considering divorce after being quarantined at home for several months. While the United States is just beginning to experience the effects of the Coronavirus, multiple states have enforced “Stay at Home Orders.” Florida’s governor issued the state’s Stay at Home Order – effective Friday, 12:01 a.m. April 3, 2020. This means that couples in Florida and across the country are being forced to stay at home together for extended periods of time under difficult circumstances.

For some marriages, the additional time together is welcomed and appreciated. However, for other couples, issues that may have been ignored due to work schedules, travel, prioritizing children, etc. have now become top of mind.

In order to thrive in your marriage during this time of uncertainty and turmoil, we encourage couples to take the following steps.

  1. Communicate: Perhaps there are sensitive subjects that you have been avoiding in your marriage. Now is the perfect time for you and your spouse to share your perspectives and be honest about your feelings. Part of effective communication includes our ability to listen. Make sure that you are giving each other your full attention when one of you is speaking.
  2. Remain Respectful: With routines being disrupted and jobs exploring remote options, many of us are facing rapid change. Life as we knew it has seemingly transformed quickly, which can be overwhelming. Meet one another with patience and grace. Remember that your spouse is not your enemy.
  3. Work as a Team: Families with young children may be undergoing additional stress due to schools implementing virtual learning. In order to lessen the tension in your home, tackle as much as you can together. Keep each other in the loop about your children’s schedules, household chores, etc.
  4. Consider Counseling: Several therapists are now offering remote counseling via Skype, Zoom and other platforms. This might be a good time to consider working on the marriage and addressing issues that may have come to light due to the extended time spent together at home, social distancing and sheltering in place. Many divorced or separated parents living in different homes are finding new and difficult challenges with timesharing also.

While being at home may seem isolating, please keep in mind there are resources available if you need assistance navigating your marriage during this time. Please visit our Therapists Corner Column for more insight on the impact of the Coronavirus from trusted Mental Health Professionals in our Central Florida community.

Should you need a recommendation, please contact our office for referrals to highly skilled and reliable therapists in Central Florida.

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