How to Navigate Timesharing Conflict as the Pandemic Continues

As the pandemic continues, former spouses with minor children may be struggling to maintain and agree on their Timesharing arrangements. Our experienced Family Law Attorneys are seeing a significant increase in conflict as it relates to Timesharing as well as disputes regarding school, whether in person or virtual and regarding travel with the minor children to social events, extended family gatherings, friends’ homes or vacation.

While the severity of the virus seems to fluctuate depending on the location and timing, it is not surprising to see child custody situations where one parent is perhaps hyper vigilant regarding the Coronavirus pandemic and the other parent has a more laissez-faire response to it. These opposite viewpoints create conflict easily.

In terms of prioritizing both mental and physical health before, during, or after a pandemic, our Team is committed to demonstrating that healthy co-parenting is what is most important and best for any children involved. Above all else, we choose to focus on the best outcome for the family overall and of course the best interest of the minor children.

In situations where former spouses cannot come together to co-parent as a team, it might be beneficial to seek co-parenting therapy with a licensed mental health counselor to help guide them through this difficult time.

We know several highly qualified licensed mental health therapists and psychologists able to help in the situations if anyone needs a referral.

There are also extreme cases where sometimes court intervention becomes necessary. However, because the legal process can be cumbersome even in normal times, it may not prove to be a timely solution, especially now in abnormal times. However, we have had success in getting the court to order expedited hearings.

Seeking alternative conflict resolution methods, such as mediation, settlement conferences and co-parenting therapy to avoid the legal system, if possible, can be effective.

Our attorneys are available and willing to help resolve these areas of conflict in a peaceful and amicable way. By doing so, our hope is that both parties avoid an unnecessary legal battle, which may result in potential harm to the minor children. However, sometimes if the parties are unable to agree, court intervention becomes necessary.

Contact us today if you are in need of assistance with a family law matter. We are accepting new Clients and remain available to serve you.

Photo Credit: Juliane Liebermann via Unsplash.

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