How to Handle Timesharing with Ease

Once a case is resolved, former spouses have the opportunity to settle into a new routine. For clients with children, a parenting plan is implemented to outline primary residency, school zoning, expenses and reimbursement expectations, and timesharing (formerly known as child custody). While not all marriages end amicably, in most cases, each parent strives to do what is best for the children involved, despite their own preferences or feelings toward the other party.

Whether they decide to co-parent or parallel parent, timesharing can be difficult at first. Perhaps you are struggling to adjust to having less time with your child. Fear not, over time we have witnessed former clients thrive as they adjusted to a new family dynamic.

Manage your Expectations.

It is important to consider that everyone involved is going through a transition. Make an effort to meet your former spouse, your child and yourself with grace. As each of you adjust to new schedules, ways of communicating, etc., several emotions will come to the surface.

Be Mindful of your Audience.

When you are reunited with your child, it may be tempting to invite others to join in on the excitement. However, you may want to be sensitive to the fact that your son or daughter could be looking forward to alone time with you. At first, he or she may want to only spend time with you rather than with extended family, such as aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.

Practice Empathy.

Remember the moments where you are dreading the hand off and returning to a quiet home. Each parent should treat the other how they would want to be treated. In order to alleviate stress for everyone, be aware of your body language, your tone and the general agenda of what should take place at your hand off. Some parenting plans specify that a neutral location be used for timesharing arrangements. Others might request former spouses refrain from discussing parenting issues in front of the child, to avoid tension. Put yourself in the shoes of your vulnerable child.

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