Four Ways to Prioritize Mental Health as a Family Law Client

May is recognized as Mental Health Awareness Month. Parties who are going through a Divorce, Child Custody (Timesharing), Paternity, or other Family Law case might be navigating this season of life in fight or flight mode. Our bodies store stress and emotions that are not addressed timely. Everyone at The Marks Law Firm, P.A. – Family Law & Divorce Attorneys recognizes the positive impact of counseling and therapists in the lives of our Family Law Clients and their minor children. Let’s talk about four ways to make sure your mental health is considered during a Family Law matter.

Release your emotions in a safe space: Holding onto stress or negative emotions does more harm than good. If you are battling your emotions, don’t feel pressure to keep them all inside. After all, feelings are meant to be expressed. Reach out to someone you trust, write in a journal, pray about your concerns, etc. You may be tempted to share personal aspects of your case and what you are going through on social media, but remember that once something is posted online, it never really goes away, even if we delete it.

Seek support: As people we are built for relationships. Someone who is going through a Divorce may feel alone or insignificant. Our Team encourages Family Law Clients to lean on their family and friends during such a vulnerable time. If you are looking for a connection with others in similar circumstances, consider attending a Divorce Care meeting or even a virtual support group.

Choose joy: Divorce has many moving parts and stages of grief. Perhaps you have been going through the motions before deciding to end your marriage. However, grief and gratitude can coexist. Think about the little things that make you smile. When was the last time you reflected on the desires of your heart? Often, our Clients focus solely on the needs of their minor children and neglect themselves. Remember that we cannot pour from an empty cup. Try to find ways to celebrate small victories throughout the Divorce process.

Remain open to professional help: For decades, our society has frowned upon therapy and vocalizing mental health struggles. If you are dedicated to thriving after Divorce, consider counseling. There are many qualified and compassionate Mental Health professionals in Central Florida. Check out the Therapists Corner resource page on our website to learn more about our trusted network of counselors.

Did you know that three of our Attorneys are Collaboratively-trained and work closely with Mental Health professionals during the Collaborative process? Mr. Marks has actually been handling Collaborative Cases for over 15 years and is highly skilled in this area of Family Law. CLICK HERE for additional information on Collaborative Law. To schedule a consultation, contact our office at 407-872-3161.

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