The Role of Social Media in Orlando Divorce Cases

In the digital age, where connectivity is at our fingertips, social media platforms have become integral parts of our daily lives. From sharing life updates to connecting with friends and family, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube offer a window into our personal worlds. However, what many fail to realize is that what we share […]

Family Law Attorney Tom Marks Appears on Back 2 God Radio Show with Dexter Sanders

Orlando Family Law Attorney Tom Marks recently appeared on Dexter Sanders’ radio show: Back 2 God. For those who don’t know, Dexter  (pictured below) is known in the Central Florida community as an evangelist, author, educator and international speaker. The two met through the Central Florida Christian Chamber of Commerce after an introduction by Chamber […]

Celebrating Valentine’s Day After Divorce

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love and affection, but for those who have gone through a Divorce, it can also be a time of reflection and adjustment. At The Marks Law Firm, P.A. – Family Law & Divorce Attorneys, in Orlando, we understand the challenges that come with life after Divorce, especially during […]

How Do Christian Wives and Husbands Navigate Divorce?

As Christians, we are taught that marriage is forever. Living in a fallen world, sometimes Divorce is the best option for everyone involved. Of course, when we make vows to our spouse in front of God and our loved ones, we aren’t anticipating the end of our marriage. Relationships are hard work. Our Orlando Divorce […]

Communicating with the Neutrals in a Collaborative Case

Florida’s Collaborative Process is a neutral process where both parties agree on an alternative to litigation. Potential candidates for Collaborative Law include spouses and unmarried parents who have at least some common goals, a genuine desire to protect their minor children from the Divorce process, as well as those who are intentional about being solution-focused. […]

Collaborative Law: A Brief History and Overview

Florida’s Collaborative Law Process Act came to be in 2016, but the original concept for Collaborative Law came from Minnesota by an Attorney named Stuart Webb in 1990. He realized the importance of personal relationships in the legal process. Attorney Webb believed the litigation process could be harmful to spouses and families. Did you know, […]

What Happens When a Christian Husband Wants a Divorce?

In marriage, sometimes we go through difficult seasons. Life as Christians does not mean that we won’t experience trials or endure challenges. Perhaps you have been trying to work on your relationship for months or even years. Even still, you have reached a breaking point and feel like you don’t love your wife anymore. Divorce […]

Common Misconceptions of Divorce

In our society today, it can sometimes be difficult to avoid the influence of media and television. While we know that many real-life circumstances are portrayed with exaggeration and embellishment, the lines between reality and fantasy are often blurred. The divorce process is regularly explored in film, sitcoms, and even reality television. However, have you […]

Three Things You Should Know Before Filing for Divorce

While in many cases, divorce allows former spouses to move forward from conflict, reevaluate priorities, and learn to co-parent efficiently, the early stages of separation can be challenging. If you or someone you know is considering divorce, we encourage you to become more familiar with the process. Before filing for divorce, you should be aware […]

8 Concerns for People Facing a High Net Worth Divorce

If you own significant assets, generate substantial income, and are facing divorce, the following article could salvage a large portion of your net worth. In divorce, the more you make, the more you have at stake. Unless you have an ironclad prenuptial agreement, up to 50% of any net worth accumulated during your marriage could […]