Choosing Between Mediation or the Collaborative Process in a Central Florida Family Law Case

When facing Family Law matters in Central Florida, such as Divorce, Timesharing (commonly known as Child Custody), Paternity, etc. it’s essential to explore your options for resolving these issues. Two popular alternative dispute resolution methods available in Florida are Mediation and Collaborative Law. While both approaches aim to reach an amicable resolution without involving Litigation, […]

5 Reasons Why Mediation is Encouraged During Divorce

Mediation is often underrated compared to litigation when couples are in the middle of dissolution of marriage. Certainly, there are many situations where pursuing litigation is necessary. However, if both spouses are hoping to proceed with their case amicably, mediation should be an option and is often required by the Court. Many couples experiencing divorce […]

Mediation-Don’t Go it Alone!

The large majority of family law cases never see the bright lights and excitement of a trial. Instead, most are resolved by the parties, and usually with the help of formal Mediation. As of January 1, 2013, a significant change to Florida’s procedural rules regarding Mediated settlement agreements has made more important than ever for […]