Understanding Alimony and Spousal Support in Florida Divorce Cases

One of the critical aspects of Divorce that requires clarity is understanding Alimony. At The Marks Law Firm, P.A., we specialize in Family Law and Divorce cases, and are here to shed light on this important topic. What is Alimony? Alimony, commonly known as spousal support, refers to the financial support one spouse may be […]

Alimony Tax Deductions to be Eliminated in 2019

There is huge change coming to how alimony is going to be treated from a tax standpoint. Over the past 75 years, one factor remained the same: alimony was deductible for paying spouses, while receiving spouses were expected to pay income tax on any alimony received. Effective January 1, 2019 alimony tax deduction will no […]

How Much Alimony Can I Receive From My Divorce?

Alimony is one of the most hotly contested issues in a divorce. Some cases can carry on for years because spouses cannot agree on alimony. Under Florida Statute 61.08, the amount of Alimony you can receive from your divorce depends on several factors starting with: Need: First, the court must determine whether or not you […]

Will I have to pay Alimony if I get Divorced in Florida?

One of the more common questions we receive from clients is: “Will I have to pay alimony if I get divorced?” Unfortunately, that question is not easily answered. Having to pay alimony in Florida depends on several factors unique to your personal divorce case. To help you understand how alimony works in most Florida divorce […]

How Do I Get Alimony During My Divorce?

Florida Statute 61.071- Alimony Pendente Lite (aka Temporary Alimony); Suit Money “In every proceeding for dissolution of the marriage, a party may claim alimony and suit money in the petition or by motion, and if the petition is well founded, the court shall allow a reasonable sum therefor. If a party in any proceeding for […]

Health Issues, Medical Care, Health Insurance and Divorce

As the pink ribbons blanketing Central Florida reflect, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Like most of you, The Marks Law Firm has been touched by the destructive impact breast cancer can have, both on a family’s personal relationship and its finances. That’s why we wanted to take this opportunity to remind our extended family […]