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Collaborative Law: A Brief History and Overview

Florida’s Collaborative Law Process Act came to be in 2016, but the original concept for Collaborative Law came from Minnesota by an Attorney named Stuart Webb in 1990. He realized the importance of personal relationships in the legal process. Attorney Webb believed the litigation process could be harmful to spouses and families. Did you know, […]

What Happens When a Christian Husband Wants a Divorce?

In marriage, sometimes we go through difficult seasons. Life as Christians does not mean that we won’t experience trials or endure challenges. Perhaps you have been trying to work on your relationship for months or even years. Even still, you have reached a breaking point and feel like you don’t love your wife anymore. Divorce […]

The Importance of Communication Among Co-parents Today

The Court expects you to talk with your co-parent…and you really should! Far too many times in dissolution of marriage (divorce) or paternity actions, rather than working together for their children, former spouses choose to parallel parent.  Parallel parenting can be defined as an arrangement where each parent makes decisions regarding health, routines, overall well-being […]

How to Navigate Timesharing Conflict as the Pandemic Continues

As the pandemic continues, former spouses with minor children may be struggling to maintain and agree on their Timesharing arrangements. Our experienced Family Law Attorneys are seeing a significant increase in conflict as it relates to Timesharing as well as disputes regarding school, whether in person or virtual and regarding travel with the minor children to […]

A Family Law Attorney’s Guide to the Financial Affidavit

One of the most important documents in any case is the Financial Affidavit.  In that pleading, the petitioner is swearing not only to their monthly income, but also their monthly expenses, assets and liabilities.  In my practice, I have reviewed countless Financial Affidavits, and there is a consistent error that plagues far too many of […]

How to Strengthen Your Marriage During a Pandemic

In recent weeks, you may have heard that numerous couples in China are considering divorce after being quarantined at home for several months. While the United States is just beginning to experience the effects of the Coronavirus, multiple states have enforced “Stay at Home Orders.” Florida’s governor issued the state’s Stay at Home Order – […]

Coronavirus: The Impact on Timesharing (Child Custody)

On behalf of all of us here at The Marks Law Firm, P.A. we hope that you and yours are doing your best to stay healthy and safe. We would like to inform you that the Ninth Judicial Circuit has entered an Amended Emergency Temporary Order related to timesharing for cases in progress and it […]

The Marks Law Firm, P.A. Celebrates 28 Years of Service in Central Florida

Some of you may know, March 1, 2020 marked the 28th anniversary of The Marks Law Firm, P.A. Over the years, we have earned a reputation throughout Central Florida for excellence in Family Law. It is our Mission: “To Honor God and Faithfully Represent our Clients with Great Leadership, Attitude, Excellence and Teamwork.” In addition […]

Common Misconceptions of Divorce

In our society today, it can sometimes be difficult to avoid the influence of media and television. While we know that many real-life circumstances are portrayed with exaggeration and embellishment, the lines between reality and fantasy are often blurred. The divorce process is regularly explored in film, sitcoms, and even reality television. However, have you […]

Three Things You Should Know Before Filing for Divorce

While in many cases, divorce allows former spouses to move forward from conflict, reevaluate priorities, and learn to co-parent efficiently, the early stages of separation can be challenging. If you or someone you know is considering divorce, we encourage you to become more familiar with the process. Before filing for divorce, you should be aware […]