Are You Interested in Adoption?

Whether you are planning to start a family through adoption or would like to give your child and/or children a sibling, we encourage you to be mindful of the unique journey ahead. There are many moving parts in the adoption process. Before you initiate adoption, it is important to consider the potential steps involved.

Are you unsure of where to begin?

Be bold in prayer: Our God is faithful and knows the desires of our hearts. During your alone time with Him, share your deepest fears, ask for patience and guidance while you are vulnerable, and don’t be afraid to voice your greatest wishes for your family. It is also important to pray for any others who are a part of the adoption equation. Birth parents and their families are experiencing incredible sacrifice. Pray for peace of mind and clarity while they enter a life changing decision.

Seek support: Sometimes when we make such life altering decisions, it can be difficult to lean on others. Perhaps you don’t want to burden your loved ones with the what-ifs. However, you should not hesitate to allow those closest to you to support your growing family.  Also, choosing adoption connects parents and families with others who are experiencing similar circumstances. If you would rather confide in an objective third party, consider speaking with a mental health professional.

Do your research: Depending on your area, there may be certain guidelines and timetables associated with the adoption process. Look into possible requirements, including proof of residency, family history documents, health records, etc. You might want to compile a notebook or digital file of any necessary paperwork or related materials.

Explore different options: Have you considered fostering a child as part of your adoption journey? There are many children in need of a loving home within our communities.

Contact an attorney: Many family law attorneys handle adoption cases. Once you have made the decision to adopt, it is important to familiarize yourself with the legal aspects involved. Schedule a consultation with an attorney to discuss the first steps toward growing your family.

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