Orlando Collaborative Family Law and Professionalism

By Orlando Collaborative Family Law Attorney Tom Marks I believe that the vast majority of attorneys are caring and professional in their behavior and advocacy for their clients. In our adversarial system it is only natural though that by the end of the case, at least one of the parties will feel like they lost. […]

Family Law and Attorney Leadership

By Family Law Attorney Tom Marks I read a great book while on vacation last week on the topic of leadership. You might ask what does leadership have to do with a family law practice. Don’t family law attorneys just deal with divorce, timesharing, children’s issues, equitable distribution, alimony and the like? Well actually, good family […]


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Google Reviews and Testimonials for Marks Law Firm Orlando, FL Google Reviews: “Attorney Amy Mitchell really fights for her clients! The Marks Law Firm is top-notch.  Attorney Tom Marks comes highly recommended.  You are in good hands with these attorneys and their legal team.” – Erica, 2024 “Attorney Tom Marks with The Marks Law Firm, […]