Family Law and Attorney Leadership

By Family Law Attorney Tom Marks I read a great book while on vacation last week on the topic of leadership. You might ask what does leadership have to do with a family law practice. Don’t family law attorneys just deal with divorce, timesharing, children’s issues, equitable distribution, alimony and the like? Well actually, good family […]

What Kind of Family Law Attorney Are You Looking For?

By Family Law Attorney Tom Marks Some people want an experienced, more expensive Family Law Attorney and some people want a newer, less expensive Family Law Attorney. Some people want their attorney to be a “bulldog” and some people want someone who cares about them and their future.  Is it possible to get all of […]



Google Reviews and Testimonials for Marks Law Firm Orlando, FL Google Reviews: “What a positive experience with Amy Mitchell! Would not go anywhere else but the Marks Law Firm.” – Luz, 2024 “I had a consult with Attorney Amy Mitchell. The experience was above the rest. I can’t imagine not using Amy. This attorney won […]

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