How to Prioritize Your Marriage Through the Holiday Season

How to Prioritize Your Marriage Through the Holiday Season

With sleigh bells ringing and children singing, your marriage may be an afterthought as the holidays are now in full swing. Although schedules may be filled with baking, shopping, party planning, volunteering, etc. we encourage you to pour into your relationship with your spouse. Families with children will especially benefit from a loving and stable environment during this time of year. After all, the moments we share as children create memories and may even lead to cherished traditions.

If you are left feeling overwhelmed towards the end of the year, it might be necessary to reevaluate your priorities.

Have uninterrupted alone time as much as possible: For some couples, the opportunity to connect one on one with your spouse may seem unrealistic. Depending on the specifics of your routine, try to find a time to come together away from your children on a weekly basis.

Consider the wants and needs of your spouse: While most children are eager to supply their parents with Christmas wish lists, it is also imperative to reflect on the desires and expectations of our partner. Perhaps he or she has briefly mentioned a special holiday activity for the two of you to participate in. Don’t overlook those who are children at heart. There is joy to be found in this season at any age.

Be upfront with your feelings: In addition to serving our spouse, the foundation of successful relationships includes honesty. Difficult conversations are often shied away from this time of year. However, your marriage deserves two people who are willing to trust each other and meet one another with grace.

Recognize areas that need improvement: Society has glorified procrastination in a sense, with the idea that goals and changes should be saved for the new year ahead. Instead of allowing yourself to wait, look at parts of your marriage that could use extra attention. By making an effort to pour into your relationship, you are showing your spouse just how much you value your life together.

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