How Do Christian Wives and Husbands Navigate Divorce?

As Christians, we are taught that marriage is forever. Living in a fallen world, sometimes Divorce is the best option for everyone involved. Of course, when we make vows to our spouse in front of God and our loved ones, we aren’t anticipating the end of our marriage. Relationships are hard work. Our Orlando Divorce Attorneys are here to help you navigate the Family Law process in a healthy way.

Perhaps you are a Christian wife or husband who doesn’t want to even consider the possibility of Divorce. After all, The Bible says Divorce is not God’s best. So, you want to reconcile the marriage and have faith that it can be restored.

However, it takes commitment from both spouses to maintain a successful marriage. Is your husband or wife willing to make an intentional effort to improve your relationship? Where is your husband or wife spiritually? If both of you are people of faith and open to exploring reconciliation, this can be brought up in the beginning stages of your case and during the Mediation process.

Part of Florida law requires that all Dissolution of Marriage cases be brought to Mediation prior to going to Court. This means that before you sit in front of a Judge, you can try to resolve specific issues in a neutral setting with your attorney and your spouse’s attorney present, as well as the mediator. Being a believer myself, I am comfortable expressing support of repairing the marriage in circumstances where it is appropriate and safe for all parties and any children involved.

Here at The Marks Law Firm, P.A., we believe in marriage and forgiveness. However, in some cases, Divorce is inescapable.

If you have done everything in your power to save your relationship, even when the Divorce proceeds, there is no condemnation. Your spouse may not be open to counseling or other potential solutions. Remember, we can only control our own responses and decisions. It is not up to us how our spouse behaves in regard to the marriage or Family Law process.

We encourage you to have hope for the future. There is life after Divorce. God does not want us to live in seasons of suffering. He wants us to prosper, offer grace to one another, and treat each day as a gift.

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