Divorce on a Dime: Part IV

“Kitchen Table” Negotiations commonly occur when parties represent themselves and negotiate their divorce issues without the assistance of attorneys and outside of the mediation setting.  This may occur prior to filing, such that an executed Agreement resolving all issues can be filed with the Uncontested Petition for prompt finalization of the case.

This form of negotiation can also occur during suit whereby the parties expedite the proceeding by coming to an Agreement, ratifying same in written form, and proceed in an expedited manner to finalization.

Kitchen Table Negotiations are often most effective for Parties who do not have children and have very few assets and liabilities to divide. Generally speaking, the higher the conflict level amongst the Parties, the less likely it is that these types of negotiations will be effective.

Though this form of divorce is cost effective, Parties who participate in these types of negotiations should be cautious as there may be legal implications of the proceedings that could be detrimental to both individuals if not properly addressed. As a general rule of thumb, it is advisable to seek legal counsel at some point during your Dissolution of Marriage proceeding.

If you have reached an Agreement and would like to have same reviewed prior to execution, or you would like assistance with the process of ratifying your Agreement with a Court Order, please contact The Marks Law Firm at 407.872.3161.

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