Can’t Afford Your Support Obligation? Don’t Sell a Kidney Just Yet.

“If I don’t have the income, do I have to sell my assets or borrow money to pay my support obligations?” And the answer usually is “No.” Under Florida law, a Court generally cannot require a party to liquidate assets or incur debt to meet his or her support obligations. When calculating alimony or child […]

The (Veto) Pen Is Mightier!

Thanks to a 24 hour news cycle and the mass communication available via the internet, most of you have been aware of the progress of Senate Bill 718 as it made its way through the Florida legislature. The bill would have ended permanent alimony in Florida and would have changed the analysis a Court employs […]

What Kind of Family Law Attorney Are You Looking For?

By Family Law Attorney Tom Marks Some people want an experienced, more expensive Family Law Attorney and some people want a newer, less expensive Family Law Attorney. Some people want their attorney to be a “bulldog” and some people want someone who cares about them and their future.  Is it possible to get all of […]

Family Law Mediation in Orlando, Florida

What is Family Law Mediation? Mediation is the process by which a trained and independent third-party assists the parties in resolving their dispute dispute.  Your mediation may resolve all issues in your case, but does not have to. Often parties will reach a partial agreement at mediation, narrowing the issues that need to be presented […]

We’re Outta Here!!! Maybe…

In a place populated by displaced northerners and others escaping bad weather or starting over in the “Sunshine State,” a common issue in family law cases is one party’s desire to grab the children, leave Florida, and head “back home” when his marriage hits the skids. We often meet parents who either want to take […]

Help! My Divorce Case Was Referred to the General Magistrate?

 I JUST RECEIVED NOTICE THAT MY CASE IS BEING REFERRED TO THE GENERAL MAGISTRATE. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Why was my case referred to a General Magistrate? Most Judges’ dockets are very congested.  In an effort expedite the resolution of the thousands of cases filed every year, cases often are referred to General Magistrates. Is […]

Collaborative Law: An Orlando Divorce Alternative

by Family Law Attorney Tom Marks Divorce is not always possible to avoid and that we don’t live in a perfect world. It is our goal at The Marks Law Firm to help our clients through what is probably the worst time in their whole lives. We do this so our clients are clearly better […]

Is it Expensive to Consult a Divorce Attorney in Orlando?

No is the answer. In fact, it may be very expensive not to consult a lawyer. And I’m not saying that just because I am one. Take, for example, a recent case in the state of Kansas. There, a lesbian couple wanted to have a child, and they wanted it to be their own (i.e. […]

Valuation of Marital Assets

During a divorce proceeding, one of the biggest questions is often “What date do we use to determine the value of a particular marital asset?” For example, on what date do we look at a spouse’s 401k to assign a value to it for family law purposes?  Should the date of separation be the valuation […]

Words of Encouragement for Those Going Through A Divorce During the Holidays

With the holiday season in full swing, I wanted to take a moment away from the legal discussion that normally takes place on the blog and provide a word of encouragement to those struggling through a divorce case or other family law matter. One of, if not the most difficult job we have as family […]